What is Stud Welding?

Stud Welding is the fusing of a threaded or non-threaded metal shaft or studs to a workpiece with a high power electrical detonation, yielding a stronger bond than if it were forged or traditionally welded.

Sparkweld Engineering offers a wide range of Stud Welding Consumables which includes Standard, Long, and Adjustable Chucks, Ferrule Grips, and a variety of Shear Connectors. Ferrule Grips are needed for welding studs during the powerful and efficient DA stud welding method. These Stud Welding Consumable parts are made of high-quality raw materials like Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.

Product Specification

  • • S.S. 304 studs suitable for C. D. welding m 3 to m 8 of different lengths, insulation pins, lock washers.
  • • Shear studs with ceramic ferrules.

Technical Details Subject To Changes Without Notice.

We offer an extensive range of Stud welding consumables,weld studs,shear studs,ceramic ferrules,insulation pins (Studs) and lock washers required for ship building.