Sparkweld Engineering’s Dual Pulse C.D. Welder is the most popular handheld type battery spot welding machine which is mainly designed for the production of the world’s high-class battery manufacturer with more reliable and consistent welding than AC pulse. This Dual Pulse C.D Welder is simple in use with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Each of the Dual Pulse C.D. Welders can be flexible and fine-tuned to match the requirements and needs. A digital screen displays total weld energy and individual pulse length settings, guaranteeing detail and precision.

Features of Dual Pulse C.D. Welder:

  • • Dual Pulse operation removes surface inconsistencies and contaminants
  • • Adjustable pulse width, rather more finesse than transformer-based welders
  • • Simple, user-friendly interface, portable size
  • • Perfect for battery pack assembly
  • • Adjustable from 1% to 100% energy discharge
  • • Homogeneous welding spot, a little spark, and no black spots
  • • Continuous/variable spot welding with high reliability and wonderful performance

MIN. & MAX. OUTPUT 5 - 600 WS
MIN. & MAX. PULSE WIDTH 3 - 50 msec.
MIN. & MAX. PULSE HIGHT 1.5 V – 18 V
PEAK CURRENT OUTPUT ( With External cabling 35 x 4 ft.) 10,000 Amps.
( With External cabling 20 x 6 ft.) 8,500 Amps.
( With External cabling 8 x 6 ft.) 4,500 Amps.
INPUT SUPPLY 230V / 50 Hz / 10 Amp.
DIMENSIONS (WxHxL) 400X305X365
WEIGHT 24 Kgs.

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